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Online Wholesale Ordering

Easily Buy Livliga® for Your Store

Through our relationship with The Grommet Wholesale, it is now easy to purchase Livliga online, at wholesale prices, for sale in your store. Their user-friendly system and live customer reviews streamline the buying process and let you see how people use and love their Livliga.

To get started ordering Livliga through The Grommet, create your account here.

  • See what our customers have to say about Livliga
  • Livliga offers a suite of products, including a children’s line, that can be sold alongside health and wellness solutions in the pharmacy section of a Drug Store, in a Wellness Clinic, a Fitness Center or in a Health Store offering diet/weight loss and Lifestyle products. We also offer the added benefit that comes from all of our products being endorsed by Doctors, Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers and Psychologists.