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Livliga™ Joins ReShape Medical® to Help Patients Establish Improved Eating Habits

Boulder, CO, September 8, 2015 – Livliga, a leader in the portion control category, is proud to announce that it has collaborated with ReShape Medical to provide patients with new solutions to lose weight and establish healthier eating habits. This groundbreaking approach joins two innovators in the weight management category; Livliga’s patented system of products will be incorporated into the 12‑month weight#&8209;loss program from ReShape™, designed for adults with mild or moderate obesity who are seeking alternatives to bariatric surgery. Livliga’s dinnerware line, which uses visual illusions to guide individuals in practicing portion control eating, will now be available to ReShape patients through a specially designed tool kit, in conjunction with services like counseling, fitness training, and the ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System.

The ReShape Procedure is a minimally invasive, reversible option which features a dual balloon that is inserted into the stomach endoscopically, and filled with saline. The balloon stays in the stomach for a period of six months to promote weight-loss. During this time and for six months after the balloon removal, patients attend monthly counseling sessions to help them change their behaviors and relationship with food. As both ReShape and Livliga share the philosophy that long‑term success is attained through long‑term change, the two are committed to providing products and services that help everyday people maintain a desirable weight, long after surgery. With this in mind, Livliga’s VisualQs method will be used to help guide patients in improving their eating habits indefinitely.

“ReShape recognizes that a quick fix is not enough when it comes to achieving one’s weight loss goals – implementing permanent lifestyle changes is key,” said Rick Thompson, President and CEO of ReShape Medical. “As a result, we have worked to establish educational and training programs which help our patients maintain a desirable weight, long after they’ve completed their 12 months with us. We recognize the importance of portion control eating within this arena, and have partnered with Livliga because of the innovative solutions they provide.”

“Anyone who has struggled with diet and exercise to lose weight knows it can be a very frustrating cycle. Still, the idea of undergoing surgery or being on medication for life is also unattractive,” said Carmelia, a ReShape patient. “The ability to make long‑term changes in my lifestyle with ReShape has not only changed how I see myself in the mirror, but how I see my future.”

“Livliga is proud to be incorporated into the ReShape program, which has effectively helped numerous people achieve their weight‑loss goals,” said Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Founder & CEO. The brand’s uniquely designed dinner plate for ReShape Medical patients will feature its unique VisualQs method, which uses symbols, colors, and visual illusions to help guide individuals in eating well balanced meals with appropriate serving sizes. The patented dinnerware included in the ReShape kits will be provided to patients in early September.

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