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Livliga™ Portion Control Dinnerware and Behavioral Economist Dr. Brian Wansink Partner to Combat Overeating

In today’s “supersized” world, it’s become increasingly difficult to determine how much is too much when looking at the foods we eat. With the size of standard dinner plates growing exponentially, and popular chain restaurants implementing larger portion options into their menus, “more” is becoming the standard. In addition, the average person is unaware of the difference between a portion and a serving, and as a result, millions of Americans are overeating on a daily basis.

In light of this, the makers of Livliga™ elegant portion control dinnerware, and leading Behavioral Economist and Director of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab, Dr. Brian Wansink, have joined forces to shed light on our war with overeating, while focusing on the psychology behind our relationship with food. Through a series of events and activations, the two will provide new solutions for establishing improved eating habits by highlighting the ways in which our minds respond to certain visual and environmental triggers.

Livliga™’s line of patented portion control dinnerware uses strategic colors, shapes, and visual illusions, for instance, which positively impact the way we interpret what a balanced, “right‑sized” meal looks like – a concept that Dr. Wansink has supported and discussed in depth. The line enables users to practice portion control eating with elegantly designed tools that offers a visual guide for measuring correct serving sizes. In Dr. Wansink’s new book, Slim by Design, he shares insight into how readers can change their physical environment to better control and improve their eating behaviors. From schools, to restaurants, to your own kitchen table, Dr. Wansink provides research that reveals how each environment can be adjusted to subtly guide individuals in making better food choices.

“With all of the latest diet fads, exercise crazes, and prescription medications promising to assist hopefuls in shedding unwanted pounds, obesity is still a growing concern in our country. Something isn’t working,” said Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Founder of Livliga™. “Livliga™ has partnered with Dr. Wansink because we recognize the focus needs to be shifted; we must look at the ways in which our minds and bodies respond to certain visual and physical triggers that cause us to overeat, and make adjustments in our everyday lives to promote a positive change. With tools like Livliga™ portion control dinnerware, and Dr. Wansink’s expertise and manuals for healthy living, we are doing just that.”

In commemoration of this partnership, Livliga™ and Dr. Wansink hosted a private dinner event, “An Evening of Mindful Eating,” in New York City to demonstrate the ways in which our food environment impacts our food choices and eating habits. Livliga™ has also partnered with dLife to host social media giveaways of Livliga™ products like the Livliga™ Halsa 4‑Piece dinnerware set, along with signed copies of Dr. Wansink’s, Slim by Design for select winners to experience. Livliga™ and Dr. Wansink will host upcoming social media giveaways via the Livliga™ Twitter and Facebook page as well, offering select portion control plates, bowls, mugs and glasses from the brand, and additional copies of Dr. Wansink’s book.

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