You’re Livliga’s biggest fan . . .
now let us reward you for spreading the word

This is your invitation to join the Livliga® Affiliate Program


How it Works

After completing the Livliga Affiliate Program application process, you will be given a unique Affiliate Account ID, which you will be able to use to place a number of pre-made ad banners on your site or blog to drive traffic from your audience to the Livliga store. Whenever someone uses one of these pre-made ad banners with your embedded Affiliate Account ID and proceeds to make a purchase on the Livliga store, that sale will be recorded by our e-commerce system and credited to you in the form of the commission rate noted below. Each month you have the potential of receiving a check for $50 or more, depending on your number of Livliga sales.

For more details, and to join our Affiliate Program:

Contact Walt at 720.340.8127

or email us at

Getting Excited? Here are the qualities Livliga is looking for in a partner for the Affiliate Program:

  • Your passion and career is centered in health, wellness, and/or fitness.
  • You are engaged in discussion about healthy lifestyles and/or your website or blog promote wellness and health.
  • You are interested in providing more options to your audience for health, wellness, and fitness.
  • You are looking for an easy way to connect with a like‑minded business and earn additional dollars just by making that connection.
  • You want to help your constituency and clientele live a healthier life and use the tools proven to help them achieve their important goals.

The Benefits

  • Earn 10% commission on every sale made through your site
  • Receive regular checks each time you earn $50 or more from your accumulated sales
  • Be associated with a quality product endorsed by well known health professionals
  • Become a member of a like‑minded community

The Features

  • Easy enrollment
  • Links and banners for your website and/or blog and for use in emails to promote Livliga
  • Embedded software to track sales that come from your URL
  • Access to reports on your Affiliate page which show you the sales, the number of click‑throughs, and commission you have generated from your site whenever you want to see them
  • Prompt payment of accumulated commissions ($50 or more) on sales to be sent out monthly
  • Responsive customer service