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The Kidliga Philosophy

Kidliga is all about helping children discover nutritious eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. The designs on each piece of our Kidliga dishware help you to serve a balanced meal with the correct serving sizes. It's a fun and interactive tool for children to use daily, providing a tangible solution to the obesity epidemic. And we all know that when our kids are having fun, mealtime can be an absolute joy!


Sammie & Sax in the Land of Quinoa

Each Kidliga dinnerware set comes with a children's book! Parents and children can follow Sammie and Sax to the magical Land of Quinoa on their magical mission to discover a balanced meal. In addition to an adventurous and educational story, the book includes recipes that the whole family can make together, and encourages healthy decisions for everyone.


Sammie is an outgoing 8 year old who can’t get enough of fruits and vegetables. She loves to sing and is a fantastic big‑sister to Sax.


Sax is 6 and is in the 1st grade. He's Sammie's younger brother, and his very best friend is the mischievous family dog, Rhubarb. Sax is extremely curious and loves to solve mysteries.

Fun with Sammie and Sax

Activities for parents to download and kids to enjoy!

Family-Friendly Recipes

Coloring Pages


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Sammie & Sax PINK 3pc single place setting & book
Sammie and Sax children's jigsaw puzzle is a fun and interactive learning tool for children of all ages